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ORDER FORM: Hollywood Photo PRO LAB  Digitalcolor 8562 West Pico Blvd. Beverly Hills / Los Angeles CA 90035 (at  W. La Cienaga)    Ph: (310) 967-9530       Fax: (310) 274- 6260                Email:        

"Please print this order form and mail it to us with your order (Negatives, Slides or Digital file on CD)   01/07/16   Home Page

 (Use this Order Form for mixed: negatives, slides, Digitals on CD orders) 

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Size Quantity $ Unit Price $ Total Special Instructions: Matte, Glossy, Metallic Kodak, circle one

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$15.00 below $50.00      Free above $50.00 Shipping & Handling



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Digital Files printed on photographic paper, send CD or E-mail with 300dpi  and crop to your size TIFF or JPEG format (Write print size & Quantity on File name)

POSTAGE $15.00  PER ORDER  (USA only UPS  ground).  Call for Air Delivery.   CA add 9% tax. 

RUSH orders: add 100% of price list for 24 Hrs, 50% of price list for 3-days.  Normal turn around time about 7 working days in lab. 





Album Collection Prices  (Please make a CD or DVD from your art work as jpeg or tiff and mail with this order form)
Size 6x6 6x8 8x8 8x10 10x10 11x14 12x12 12x16
15 Pages-30 sides $70.00 $90.00 $140 180.00 $210.00 $250.00 $260.00 $330.00
20 Pages-40 sides $90.00 $110.00 $155 $190.00 $230.00 270.00 280.00 390.00
25 pages-50-sides 110.00 130.00 170.00 230.00 260.00 310.00 320.00 420.00

Order 2 copies get less 20% off       Gold stamping on covers add $20.00       $75.00 Album Design

Additional Pages:$7.00 per pages of  6x6, 6x8, 8x8     $15.00 per pages of  8x10,10x10,            $20.00per pages of  11x14, 12x12, 12x16








 ORDER FORM: Hollywood Photo PRO LAB  8562 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90035  Ph: (310) 274-3445        Fax: (310) 274- 6260     1- 800 - 444 - 2551

1-Indicate what quantity you want. 2-Return the entire negative strip or slides, Digital Files & DO NOT CUT NEGATIVES INTO INDIVIDUAL PIECES.

NOTE: This table is useful for one roll only. IF YOU HAVE CUT STRIP NEGATIVES USE A SEPARATE ENVELOPE FOR EACH NEGATIVE AND WRITE THE NEGATIVE NUMBER AND THE SIZE OF THE ENLARGEMENTS YOU WANT TO ENLARGE. For digital files just write the file number and the size on the file name AND on this table.

Digital File #, Slide, Negatives# Quantity size Digital File #, Slide Negatives# Quantity Size

Special Instructions:    MATTE     OR    GLOSSY   (CIRCLE ONE)